It’s OK … Take a Day Off and You’ll Lose Weight Faster…

Dieting doesn’t have to be torturous. Committing yourself to a weight-loss program doesn’t automatically constitute a life sentence.

In fact, most diets fail because people either become bored or they simply can’t commit themselves day in and day out to a strict and monotonous regime. But what if I told you that… not only is it OK to take a day off from your program, but that it’s absolutely mandatory to your success?

Over 82 percent of people who start a diet or exercise program get burned out or stop before they reach their goal because they never learn the value of taking Mandatory Days Off. I have a quote etched into the walls of one of the classrooms in the research center that says:

“Woe and behold the farmer who saw that if he plowed his fields once per season, his crops grew tall and strong. Thought this farmer, if once per season brought me good crop to sell at market, then plowing twice per season would bring me twice the crop to profit from. So twice he plowed and all was lost, for more work was not needed. Time to grow was what the crop really sought.”

I love this quote because it so clearly illustrates the mindset of someone who’s desperate to reach a goal — so desperate in fact, that they skip the number one ingredient of all success in life — Time Off.

Time off from your diet is just as essential as taking a day off work.

You don’t work seven days a week, every week, every month of the year. You would literally burn out. The same holds true for dieting. It’s an essential part of developing the body of your dreams! Those who skip this step usually get slower results, stop before reaching their goal or see the whole process as being too difficult.

For over 18 years I’ve worked with people in many different professions and there’s one thing that remains common among each of them; they all want results as fast as possible and they all want those results to last forever.

Hey…that’s not too much to ask!

In fact, that’s why the research center was developed in the first place, and why we spend so much time and money sifting through the top programs to find out what works best every time for everyone. And I’ll tell you right now — nothing works if you don’t give your body time off.

Think about a bodybuilder. When a bodybuilder lifts weights, their muscles don’t grow while lifting, they grow only while they rest.

When an Olympic track star tries to increase their speed they run but their speed doesn’t increase while running. The neurons associated with developing greater speed become fixed only when they rest and recuperate. They run faster during the next day’s session.

In fact, most athletes know they need 2 or even 3 days rest to assure their body’s working at optimum levels before an event. I know there’s a lot more to Olympic training and bodybuilding, but the fact still remains, the actual results occur not during the exertion phase but during the recuperation phase.

The same applies to living a healthy lifestyle. To use your Mandatory Days Off to your benefit it’s essential to take 1 meal off every week and take 1 full day off every month (some may even do better taking 1 day off every 2 weeks).

But what constitutes a Day Off — well, eating reasonably, but not sticking 100% to your diet.

This isn’t a day to gorge yourself or stuff yourself with fatty, sugary, toxic foods! A sample meal off might consist of: a slice or two of pizza, several pieces of fruit or a bit of whatever you’ve been craving (within reason), like cheese, chocolate, a hamburger, a bowl of cereal. Then get right back to your diet the next day.

The point is, in order for your body to work at optimal capacity, it needs time to rest. Simply taking a day off will accelerate you towards your goal body and make the process far easier!

See you after I take a few days off ;-)

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