Thousands of people each year give up on living life in the body of their dreams, but now
YOU can have a tight, lean, sexy body faster than you ever thought possible...

"Discover How To Create A Leaner,
Tighter, Younger Looking Body By
Turbocharging Your Metabolism in
30 Days or Less - Even If You Have
No Time, No Motivation, And
No Helpful Genetics"


"Now You Can Completely Transform Your Body and Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life, And Do So in Less Time Than Ever Before, Without Running Yourself Into the Ground,  Without Worrying About A Lack Of Will-Power, And Without Counting Calories"

"In Fact, This Program Was Designed To Work
Even If You've Never Been Able To Stick To A
Program In The Past"


A special note from Dalton McMillan
National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center
Wednesday 8:32 am

This 4-part program includes a tremendous amount of knowledge that you MUST learn and understand in order to truly maximize your metabolism, and enjoy a lean, youthful body. 

In this exclusive offer, Christopher Guerriero has created a comprehensive program that teaches you how to take immediate control – once and for all – of your weight loss and life-extending metabolic health. I’ve asked Christopher to offer more details on this first-time-ever audio series.  

Here's what he had to say...

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be teaching you the same techniques that have helped my clients all around the world improve their health and boost their metabolism to its highest level...

While I travel all around the world teaching my Living Health Weight Loss Program, I hadn’t yet considered the opportunity to record this whole system. But now that I did, I took the liberty of quadrupled-packing it with proven  success techniques!

Here's what people around the world
are saying about this powerful program:

� One woman used what she learned to unleash the hidden powers of her metabolism and lost nearly 40 pounds of body fat, 5 inches from her waist, and more than 6 inches from her hips.

� A team of sales people used what was taught in the first class to improve their appearance so much that their overall gross sales nearly doubled in less than 60 days.

� A student used just one of the techniques in lesson #2 to drop 8 pounds in 48 hours.

• Yet another woman who had gained over 30 pounds, used these techniques to lose enough weight to be a model for a magazine ad.

• A couple in their 50s used what they learned to get the energy back that they hadn't enjoyed since their mid 20s.

Christopher Guerriero  
Founder: National Metabolic &  
Longevity Research Center  

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach

• One student, who could never before follow a diet program long enough to get results, used just 1 of the techniques found in this class (just 1) to develop "unstoppable motivation" - and nearly a year later - he's still at his goal weight and still unstoppable.

• An executive used the lessons specifically to get a job promotion that he had been passed over three pervious times - he claims that he changed nothing in his life other than to use this program to improve his weight, appearance, and energy level.

Here's What You Get:

Audio #1: – The Psychology of Weight Loss:
• The Most Vital Nutrient and How To Use It To Immediately Boost Your Health, Your Energy, and your

Audio #2 – Unleash Your Metabolism:
• How to Eliminate All Toxic Waste From Your Body in Less Than 3 Days!
• Eat More Food While Burning More Body fat!
• High Protein or High Carbohydrate Diets?  Learn The Fastest and Safest Way To Drop Unwanted Body Fat.

Audio #3 - Q&A:
• Listen in on an actual Question and Answer session from one of Christopher's live teleseminars, where he gets drilled by some of the 1,600 clients who were on that call, getting Christopher to share all his secrets and answer an hours worth of their hottest questions.

Audio #4 – Your Physical Advantage:
• The Key That Enables Some People To Exercise Less Than Half the Time And Get Twice The Results!
• Stop the Aging Clock

But That Isn’t All You Get In This
4-Week Program To Success!
You Also Get...


A copy of my best-selling book:
“Maximize Your Metabolism
  How to Double Your Metabolism In 30 Days or Less!”

And 4 More Special Bonuses including:



If you reserve your spot today - I'll give you a copy of my private, detailed notes from each of these classes (this bonus alone can help you reach your goal body faster than you ever dreamed possible).
A $29 report entitled, “Cyberphysiology, The Art Of Enhanced Mind\Body Communications,” and...
My personal collection of “Inspirational Quotes from the Masters of Health & Fitness Success.”
I'm also going to give everyone who takes advantage of this special offer, a chance to save 90% on a personal 1-on-1 phone session with me.

Okay, By Now I'm Sure You're
Wondering What All This Cost.

Let's talk about that for a second, because it's important to both of us...

First of all, keep in mind that you are getting fifteen years of tested metabolic and longevity enhancing techniques and experience in this audio PLUS one full year of follow-up support with my "Maximize Your Metabolism" newsletter that's like a seminar-in-print arriving in your email box each week to keep you up to speed on what the latest research is and how you can best us it to reach your goals.

So here's what you get:

  • 3 hours of audio from one of my sold out teleseminars

  • A grueling hour long Q&A session with me

  • A copy of my book

  • 2 Special Reports

  • A chance for you to work 1-on-1 with me

  • Nearly 15 pages of detailed notes from the teleseminar

  • Loads of charts, graphs, and other material to help you understand the concepts covered in each audio

  • Plus "Cheat Sheets" or "Reminder Sheets" to keep in your office, or on your refrigerator so you stay focused on the main points covered in each audio

  • ...and much, much more!

Essentially, you are getting a full 4 hour live seminar - a complete, proven system - without the hassles and expense of having to fly or drive to one of my large seminars, buy a ticket, rent a hotel room, buy yourself food for the day, and then sit there with 600 - 700 others taking notes.

You get everything in this recording - plus you get to listen to it at your leisure, and in the privacy of your own home - for a fraction of the normal price...

 . . . All for just $99!

I know...It seems like an unbelievably low price considering all the facets you receive in this 4-week program.  And in a few short weeks, you won't be able to get your hands on this program for less than $499.

So Why Am I Offering This Whole System
For Only $99.  It's Simple...

...because this is the Unedited Version of my 4 hour event.

Normally, my crew takes these recordings and cleans up the 'scratches', ads music, and edits out any background noises that may be audible.

The problem with that is that it takes a long time, plus some of the content from the teleseminars is taken out to make it all fit onto 1 hour CD's.

But the fact is, the best results come from those individuals who attend the live events, because they get it all.  When nothing is edited, the listener can benefit in more ways than you could imagine.

I know you need high quality information like this to move forward in your life. You need to make this difference in your life – finally – and this time it's got to be permanent.

I don't want ANYTHING to hold you back from the amazing way you’ll feel  when you've achieved control over your weight, your fitness, and your health. 

That’s why, instead of waiting for the edited version of this material to arrive at my office, I'm going to give you access to it all right now, plus I'm not going to price it at the “shelf value” package price of more than $499, I'm giving it to you for only $99!

But this is only a limited time offer - if you want to get this great deal, then order today before the new recordings arrive at my office.  Once they get here, the Unedited, Beta Version gets pulled off the shelves and replaced by the new recordings and the price shoots up to the full $499 price.

You deserve this change in your life.  

You deserve to get great results - now!  

And you will get great results with the information contained on these audio's.

It's easy to order, just click here

You’ll learn proven, powerful tools to get and stay lean, healthy, even sexy looking – and have a LOT to brag about in the coming months!

Many of the techniques I’ll be teaching you will help put your metabolism on "auto-pilot” – your metabolism will have no choice but to become more efficient, burn more calories, and rapidly change your body shape.

Yes, I'll also give you the same diet and exercise advice that has helped people around the world get tremendous results - FAST. But remember: That's not what this 4-week process is all about! The techniques from this seminar go far beyond just diet and exercise

I’ve designed this teleseminar to help you rapidly improve your metabolism, your weight, and your energy level WITHOUT relying exclusively on diet and/or exercise. Stop beating yourself up by over-exercising and incorrectly dieting.

"Once You Learn How To Harness
The Power Of Your Metabolism
You'll No Longer Be Fighting An
Uphill Battle Caused By A 'Slow'
Or "Damaged" Metabolism..."


You can have a powerful, fast metabolism that disposes unwanted, unnecessary fat. And, you can have loads of energy all day – every day, while maintaining your body’s absolute perfect weight.  

Imagine that for a moment! Do you think that life would be better? Do you think your body would look different? Do you think maintaining your desired body weight would be easier? Of course it would!

Think about it. After listening to this audio series you could train your metabolism to work at its peak performance level. And even more'll have learned how to make this change, this new healthier metabolism, permanent! 

You'll finally be able to live life in the body YOU deserve!

In this 4-part system you'll discover a whole new world of health and great looks that might literally be beyond your current imagination.

Click here for your $99 limited time special sign up rate!

"I do not believe that anyone is so genetically hindered,
that they cannot get great results!" 

That's important to understand so let me repeat it: I do not believe that anyone is genetically fat. Now, that doesn't mean that there aren't some out there who may have an easier time losing weight or staying in great shape - those people are sometimes called genetically gifted. 

But genetics only plays a small part in your physical appearance – what you see in your mind's eye when you think of yourself, the way you combine certain foods in a meal, how you live and what choices you make all play a far more powerful role in determining what your body will look like. 

Now I've worked with normal every-day working people as well as actors and actresses. I've worked with housewives and Olympic athletes. I'm the author of "Maximize Your Metabolism", "The 2 Day Workout", "The Psychology of Weight Loss" and literally thousands of other articles, reports and books. I'm a high results guy and this is a high results offer. Order this 4-part series and you WILL see results – results everyone will notice!

Click here to order this 4-week audio package and all the bonus material now!


Christopher Guerriero

P.S. Please don't put this off, don't even wait 15 minutes. Get on this now! Every single day that you improperly diet or put off living the right healthy lifestyle literally detracts time and energy from your life. If you think you've caused your metabolism to slow due to improper dieting … if you think you have a naturally slow metabolism … or if you just want to finally drop the added weight - for good - then get started now. This program is for you.

This audio program, including all bonus' are completely digital.  After placing your order, you'll immediately be taken to a private page on our site where you can download everything and begin learning exactly what all of Christopher's personal clients learned, and benefited from, during the live call. One of the biggest benefits you'll have is that you can access these recordings directly from your desktop any time you need a quick motivating tip or a refresher on the whole program!

It's easy to order, just click here

On a tight budget? I completely understand, and I can help you. You see, I could never reach my goal of helping you lose weight, unless you have the material you need to get the job done. So if you can't quite afford to pay in full today, go ahead and order the audio program using the below link and pay only $9.95 today, then 2 monthly payments of $51.95 each.

Click here to order using this financed option - you cannot get this financed option by clicking any of the other links on this page or even by calling my toll free order hotline - you can only get it by using this link.


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